Disco Bus - Disco Bus FAQs

Please Read our FAQ’s – And note there are some policy type answers that you need to know.
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What if we go overtime?

The 1st thing to do is to let us know. This happens more than we like, due to toilet stops, or not getting out of a hotel on time. Our overtime rate is $160 per hour charged in 30 minute incriments after 20 mins overtime. You agree that if not paid on the night of […]

Can we pickup Random people as we go?

NO – for 3. big reasons. 1. They havent paid for their seat. & 2. It changes the dynamic of the night every time in them past, it has resulted in happy cutomers getting upset. 3. We don’t know these people, they may just want to steal wallets.. So No! Please don’t ask.

Can I dance on the disco bus

Sure can. There are plenty of things to hang on to, so make sure you stay safe.

How do I pay and cancellation policy

We only accept Visa and mastercard for a deposit. Without a deposit – you have not secured your date. Exception: Regular clients may transfer into our account. Rest can be prepaid a week before, or cash on the night. We use the Credit Card as a bond as well. Bookers must beware that any damage […]

Whats the drinking policy?

Disco bus being a member of the Party Bus association must adhere to the code of conduct set by the department of liquour and gaming. We must ensure passengers remain in control. Any suspicion of heavily intoxicated passengers will be removed from the charter and sent home in a taxi at your expense. We allow […]

Whats the damage policy?

We need to encourage people to act very responsibly when it comes to damage. Disco Bus is all for huge parties, but that dosent mean breakages and damages are part of the fun. I could list the prices for all items, but its too long, so here are the key points. Whoever books the bus […]

whats on board the disco bus?

Hopefully you! 200 watt a side pumping sound system Huge speakers Fantastic mix of DJ / Disco hit mixes Dance Floor – Chill out lounge – Pole Fog machine – Crazy lighting Laser light Cool understanding bus driver.